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Life and Choices



Never in the history of our country have we seen so many bad choices being made. I often wonder if this is "the beginning of the end." Are we losing our country to people who think, talk, and conduct themselves in very detrimental ways? This blog is one man's effort to motivate his readers to stop and think about the choices they are making in their lives and to start to work together to get this country "back on track" again.



You can use your choices to accomplish good, meaningful, and even great things with your life. Or, your choices can create difficulties, hurt other people, and cause you to miss the opportunity to do something special with your life. Your choices, to a great extent, have defined the person you are today and, more importantly, will determine what you will accomplish in the future.



After many years of thinking about this, I have come to believe, and strongly so, that God works in the world through people--individuals just like you and me. This "partnership" allows God to do good, helpful, and often very important things to make life better for others...and for us to have meaningful and worthwhile life experiences. I have referred to God's influence in our lives as the Spirit of Goodness. We don't have to do anything special to "earn" this is with us from the very beginning of our lives. However, our choices provide the pathways for us to either follow where this influence leads, or, on the other hand, take us off in a totally different, sometimes detrimental, direction. As a result of gaining this perspective, I've come to recognize the almost unbelievable importance of our choices in defining the life we live and what we ultimately accomplish with it. MN


Managing the power of choice,

with all its creative and spiritual implications,

is the essence of the human experience.

Choice is the process of creation itself.

CAROLINE MYSS / Anatomy of the Spirit

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What Others Say

I loved this book. I've read my share of self-help books, but I mean it honestly when I say this one had the greatest effect on me.


This book goes straight to the heart of everyday living. It's smart, informative, and thought provoking. It's evident that Nelson wants us to be our best selves.



Nelson motivates his readers to look within, to seek opportunities to grow connections that last, and urges us to use our unique qualities to create a better life for all.


Our Newest Book
Life and Choices

A Personal Development Guide

This book (actually an 8.5 x 11 workbook) addresses ten of our most important choices. While there are many other important choices in life, these ten are fundamental choices that position us to make other choices more effectively. Space is provided in the workbook where the reader can make personal notes and create to-do lists for reference in the days and years to come. The ten choices addressed in the workbook include:


The Choice to

Be Nice to People

Take Time to Think

Take Care of Yourself

Identify the Influences in Your Life

Adopt a Personal Code of Conduct

Improve the Lives of Others

Make America Better

Determine What Your Life Is Saying to You

Live with Goodness

Become More Spiritually Connected

Our Posts

____The Importance of Our Choices____

“The life of every person is a diary

in which they mean to write one story,

but often write another.

Their humblest hour is when they compare

the volume as it is with what they intended it to be.”



There is an old saying that...the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Many of us want to live a good and productive life, but just aren't willing to make the choices, some very difficult ones, that lead to that outcome. The quote above reminds us of the feelings that can result when we fail to make good choices as we manage our life. Our hope is that the words and writings you find herein will help you to improve the quality of the choices you make each day.

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