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Life and Choices: An Introduction

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Our Life is Managed through the Choices We Make

Our First Few Years Depend on the Choices of Others. During our early years our life is "managed" by choices made by others--our parents, other family members, and a few trusted individuals. However, at a very early age our own choices start to play an increasingly important role in shaping and defining our life.

Our Own Choices Start to Take Over. We start our choice-making experiences by deciding such things as which toys we will play with and which pages in the coloring book we will attack. As we get a little older, we make choices concerning friend selections and what our favorite foods will be. As we approach our teenage years, we are independently making choices concerning our social media activities, how hard we study in school, and how we treat people each day.

We Go On to Spend a Lifetime of Making Choices. As we continue to grow and develop, life presents us with a continuous stream of choices in such important areas as...our academic pursuits, career selection, relationships, marriage, size of our family, and more. Making choices is an activity that occurs many times each day throughout our entire life. The collective result of those choices is the life we have today...and, more importantly, what we will accomplish in the future. Therefore, it just makes good sense to become the best choice makers we can be.

The Objectives of this Blog

This blog, in effect, can serve as your reminder to continuously work to make the kind of choices that help you develop a meaningful and effective life. My goal is to develop a "publication" that fulfills these objectives:

It helps readers appreciate the importance of the choices they make. We frequently dismiss the importance of our choices. We often worries, things will just work out some day. But every choice is important and gives us the opportunity "to become a better person" as a result of what we decide to say or do.

It helps readers improve their choice-making abilities. You may not always agree with what I have to say or how I say it. However, I will always do my best to stimulate your thinking and, to the extent possible, help you improve your choice-making skills.

It calls attention to both personal and national choices. Most of my writing-to-date has been on the personal side of things. However, there are more and more national choices that are impacting our lives in negative ways. Therefore, I plan to address many of these national choices and "the good and the bad" they may be causing. My interest is in pointing out the politicians who don't seem capable of making choices that will truly improve our country.

It provides a place for honest feedback from our readers. I will encourage readers to contribute to the dialog with the belief that we can learn from each other and reach more informed and accurate conclusions when we share our knowledge and perspectives in respectful ways.

An Invitation to You

I hope you will join me on this choice-making journey and will contribute your insights when you feel moved to do so. Be sure to enter your email below so that you will receive a short message when new postings are added to the site. We've got to get this country back on the right track. If we work together and make good choices, I'm confident we can do so. MN

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