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Hello, I'm Michael Nelson


I'm the Author of Life and Choices

CAREER. Michael graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1965, and worked for IBM in Memphis, TN for the first eight years of his business career. He went on from there to become a partner in a technology-related leasing company and to serve as President/CEO of a large technology services organization in Chicago, IL. In addition, Michael served on the board of a mid-south bank for over 10 years.


FAMILY. Michael and his wife Betty (“Boop”) have been married for 56 years. They have two grown children both with MBA’s and very successful in their own right. In addition, they have three wonderful grandchildren, all with college degrees and now making some good choices of their own. Michael has often said, “The one thing I am proudest of is my family.”


PROJECTS. Since retiring, Michael has written three books Good Choices Good Life, Living by Choice, and a personal development guide titled Life and Choices. In addition, with the help of several others, he developed two websites: The Good Choice Library and Living with Goodness. These five resources are available to help parents with the development of their children, young people wanting to improve their life-management skills, and older individuals who simply want to “make good choices” in life.

Some Opening Comments

Life in America Today

Life in America, and in the world for that matter, is changing and not for the better. We are seeing an increasing number of poor choices with each passing day. Many parents are failing to teach fundamental values to their children. The public school systems are failing to equip young people with a reasonable understanding of what is required to live a meaningful and effective life. Students are failing to graduate from high school with a proficiency in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Many colleges are failing to protect the freedom of speech while teaching misleading lifestyle objectives to our young people. Crimes in major cities are increasing and significantly so. And, politicians are more interested in “party politics” than in working cooperatively together for the benefit of our country. All of this is happening in the face of an internet that provides an ever enlarging conduit of misinformation and miss-guided ideas about life and living.

Our Need for Better Choices

Obviously, no one thing is going to “appear on the scene” and fix the problems referenced above. Instead, we are going to have to start the improvement process by making better choices in our own lives if we expect to have a great country again.

My Wish for You

While I don’t know you personally, I’ve thought about “you” hundreds of times as I worked on my books, websites, and this blog. I want this blog to "tell it like it is" and, in so doing, to stimulate some new and meaningful choices in readers' lives.  May God, through the Spirit of Goodness, bless you in a special way as you work to make the choices that will allow you to become the person you were always intended to be.

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